Seek First To Understand Essay

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In Category 7: Seek First to Understand, there are three statements that relate to how you interact with other people. My medical school training has helped me in this area. In order to properly diagnose someone, you must listen to them without any preconceived ideas. If you go into your history and physical examination with an idea of what the patient may have, you may miss important clues in the history that might indicate another condition. Also, while listening to the patient, you can pick up clues as to how they might feel about certain treatments. We are trained to always ask for the patient to explain their point of view on a condition or treatment so that we may educate the patient appropriately. The vaccine debate is major area of …show more content…

This area is focused on how I look towards the future and plan ahead. These have always been two areas that have been weak for me. I do make long term goals and then break it down into short term goals to reach the end. Knowing what I want to accomplish in life has always been a rather broad topic for me. There are general goals that I want to accomplish but nothing precise. I, also, try to plan for unseen events, but there are always events and crises that can never be planned for. The area that I really struggle with is in organizing and planning a clear plan for each week to achieve the end results. I tend to blow in the wind like a reed and let life take me where it wants to and then respond after-the-fact. An example of this is this last year when I applied for a medical residency program and did not get one. While I knew that it was a possibility that I might not get a residency and I had vague plans in place, I was certain that I would get a residency. When Match day came around and I was notified that I was not matched with a residency program, I went into panic mode. Due to the vagueness of my plans, I had to react to the crisis and work hard to minimize the crisis at

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