Segmentation V-8 Fushion

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For marketing purposes, the product V8 V-fusion®+ Energy can be divided into many segments based on the possible customers who would benefit. These segments can be defined using geodemographic and psychographic segmentation methods. Each of the three most relevant segments are described in the following text. The first segment involves women between the ages of 25-30. These women are single, very active and looking to settle down. They are very health-conscious and tend to spend a great deal of time working on their image. The women of this segment typically have a household income of $45,000 to $65,000 and cherish the value of a good bargain whenever they see one. They prefer to purchase items that will benefit their
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They are either recent college graduates or current students who feel compelled to succeed and are drawn toward products that offer health driven benefits. One of the main points of attraction for this particular segment is the variety in flavors. Not only are there two different choices but one of those choices also involves pomegranate fruit that is said to have many healthy perks and is very highly advertised in today’s market. Another ingredient that these women find attractive is green tea, which helps fight cancer and yields a lower risk of heart disease over time. The last, yet just as important, segment includes women and men between the ages of 45-50. These adults are living with a solid income of $70,000 to $80,000 per year and tend to lean toward the trendy items on the market, despite their age group. The people of this segment are very interested in recapturing their youth so they prefer to keep up with the newest fads and look for benefits in their chosen products that allow them to feel young and rejuvenated. Being that they are so very health conscious, the women and men of this segment would likely substitute this drink for their morning coffee in effort to reduce the chance of drinking too much caffeine. They are driven by the fact that this beverage comes in a small serving size while intriguing their taste buds simultaneously. When purchasing these products, the consumers will likely

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