Segmentation and Target

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Segmentation and Target Market
October 28, 2013

Segmentation and Target Market Trader Joe’s is an organic grocery food store that is one of the best known organic food chains. By listening to the consumer and adjusting to the changing consumer market, Trader Joe’s had built a brand equity that is continuously growing. Trader Joe’s faces stiff competition from other large organic food chains therefore must stand out and adapt to the consumers’ needs. Marketing strategies are important to communicate to the consumer more effectively and help target the consumer to their product. Trader Joe’s segments its products by psychographic, behavioral and demographic characteristics
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Also, while Trader Joe 's is not a health food chain, it still supplies a large amount of organic options in its stores which sells in the billions (Smyszkowski, 2012).
It is crucial for a business to know where their customers come from in order to select the best location for the store. Choosing the best geographic area can help in the success of the business or the failure of the business. This is why Trader Joe’s has particular criteria when choosing new store locations. Trader Joe’s is aware who their target consumer is and utilizes the data they receive to place their locations in the areas that will benefit in the growth of the organization.
Behavioral Characteristics
Trader Joe’s has great workforce management practices and its employees enjoy what they do. They have cheerful attitudes and are more than willing to assist customers with anything in the store. Trader Joe’s employees are engaged in conversation with the customers that shop in the store and make the customers aware of any new or exciting products from them to try. The positive behavior of these employees is due to the compensation and benefits each employee receives, which is far more competitive than other grocery food stores. Trader Joe’s has also created an environment where employees feel valued and know their opinions matter to the growth of the
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