Seismic Sixties

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The Seismic Sixties The 1960s were an eventful, formal dresswear, and changing time period. The baby boomers were coming to an end, men dressed very formally and women wore dresses. Children were very respectful and normally had complied with their parents wishes. One of the biggest movements in American history hit it's apex in the sixties, the Civil rights movement. Technology had some huge advances in the sixties with the production of cars, computers, and the beginning of the internet. The ads of this time period are highly associated with social status and toward household families. The advertisers use ethos and pathos abundantly and use logos to successfully appeal to the general public to sell their products. The 1960s were a very historical decade in America. With the Cuban Missile Crisis and John Fitzgerald Kennedy being shot, Americans had a lot to cope with. In the fifties, cigarettes became a huge fad, and the coming of the sixties did not slow that trend down at all. Cigarettes gave people a way to just go outside (or even inside) and relax and smoke. Other important past events were Martin Luther King Jr’s “I had a Dream” speech and the majority of the space race. Fashion wise, the 1960s brought out a lot of colors when the people were not in full formal attire. For music, one of the main impacts was singer, writer, and musician, Bob Dylan. Another aspect was the use sex being portrayed in ads. Even though the seventies had used sex abundantly to sell, it

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