Sekaran & Bougie Research Process

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A Comparative Assessment of an Journal Article in regards to the Sekaran & Bougie Research Process Figure 1 - Sekaran & Bougie Research Process Abstract The analysis will represent a comparative assessment of an article that appeared in the Journal of Sports Media, Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2008 entitled "Interactive Media and Sports Journalists: The Impact of Interactive Media on Sports Journalists" (Wigley & Meirick, 2008). This analysis will focus on the first two steps of the eleven step research process outline by Sekaran & Bougie (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010). These steps involve observation and the preliminary data gathering. Therefore, this analysis will focus mainly on the introductory information and the literature review that the analyzed study outlines in the article. Introduction In regards to conducting research for use in business, much of the research is geared toward ultimately being used as the basis for decision making. Therefore it is vital that the research follows a purely rational process to eliminate as much subjectivity as possible in order to obtain the most effective results. The first step in the research process begins with observation (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010). Observation is the step in which a significant amount of creativity can be used to identify potential research problems or gaps in the current body of literature. This phase is comparatively loosely defined because the observations can be made in a variety of ways and from
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