Selection of an Appropriate Investment Plan

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Investments the company will engage will consist only of investments with high moral and ethical character. The management, after a thorough investigation of their background and subsequent accolades should be of the highest standard of integrity. Any form of misconduct or misdeeds in the recent past will disqualify the company from investment. Through social investments, the company can increase resources dedicated to the overall socially conscious initiative and create ways by which the same money can be reinvested over and over again. Below are three categories which should help in assisting the selection of socially responsible investments. Program-related investments: Investments that support charitable purposes aligned with the company's mission statement. Program-related investments form many companies are generally structured as loans, loan guarantees, or equity investments. Mission-related deposits: Deposits made to federally insured depository institutions including traditional banks, community development financial institutions, and credit unions. This is similar in concept to basic consumer banking of check and savings accounts. These deposits are used primarily for socially conscious issues that require immediate funding. They are generally structured as insured certificates of deposit or share certificates. Mission-related investments: Investments that are intended to generate market rates of return but have a social benefit as well. Every recession
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