Self-Assessment Of Supervision-Related Knowledge Of Counseling Reflection

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When I first started this class I was very afraid of being put into the role of supervisor, but after taking the Self-Assessment of Supervision-Related knowledge and skills from the book I was able to learn that there are different types of counseling skills which I possess, that can be bring into the supervisor/counselor position such as: facilitative skills, challenging skills ability to facilitate supervisee self-exploration of strengths, limitations, and concerns about counseling skills, knowledge of counseling theories, techniques. (BOOK). This are some of the skills that I have been acquiring as a counselor student that I can bring into the counselor/supervisor role and I know as I keep growing on this field there will be many more personal …show more content…

We need to be able to be open mind with our clients and supervisee because we cannot expect every supervisee or client to share the same values or beliefs than us. Therefore, been open culturally can definitely help us succeed in this field. But overall something that I bring with me into this counselor/supervision role is the fact that I am aware that every clients needs to be seem as a unique client or supervisee. “What worked for you within any particular supervisory relationship should not be overgeneralized s the right way… what worked in that supervision context was influenced by the personalities of the supervisor and supervisee and well as their race and gender, the supervisee’s developmental level, the culture of the setting, types of client issues, and many other variables” (BOOK, PAGE 6). Indeed, this information is important because is important for us to be aware that every supervisee is going to be unique, therefore we cannot expect to have the same relationship, experience with all supervisee, these principles play out a unique way within each supervision

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