Self Driving Technology

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Our world is rapidly and continually becoming more and more technologically advanced. In 2020 we will reach a new frontier. A frontier where technology and machines replace humans and where artificial intelligence takes control. This frontier is self driving cars. It is a frontier in which human error will be eliminated and accidents will be reduced by 90% on roadways because humans will no longer be in control (Hudda). Safety features including sensors, connectivity, and software algorithms will create this frontier in which roads are safer. Features that fit specifically into these categories include emergency breaking, constant 360 degree monitoring and vision, and automatic parking. Every year roughly 1.3 million people die from…show more content…
The engineer, Peter Els, made the direct correlation between self driving cars and artificial intelligence clear in the article, "How AI is Making Self-Driving Cars Smarter." The level of artificial intelligence, development, and design will come from the company NVIDIA ("Autonomous Car Development"). NVIDIA is a computer that uses sensor fusion to create a three dimensional understanding of the outside world (Silver). The purpose for the development of this AL computer is for self driving cars (Silver). Unlike some of NVIDIA's competitors that only use "coded algorithms to track a desired route and control the vehicle, NVIDIA uses deep neural networks. These networks function and build is inspired by the build of human minds. "Deep learning is a form of machine learning that uses a model of computing" (Buduma). The model of computing uses a series of inputs which travel to a series of hidden layers and conclude with a series of outputs. (Gibson). Each of these layers consist of nodes, which is "any system or device connected to a network" ("Node Definition"). It is important to understand each component of the NVIDIA computers to understand how quickly the cars process information and react in different situations because it all ties into making the vehicle safer. When we place artificial intelligence before human minds, like we do in self driving cars, we are eliminating human decision and error because a programmed computer is now in control of the vehicle for you. A person can become distracted, impaired, and fatigued while driving, but a computer can not, making self driving cars smarter and safer. This is because they are constantly aware of what is around them. Many people think otherwise pertaining to the safety that comes with artificial intelligence. Some say that it is extremely hard to know what computers are
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