Self Esteemm Analysis

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I was second grader and departing for America, my friend and I were saying goodbye in front of the airport. He shouted to me in a way that everyone could hea r, just before I got inside, that I have to get into the airplane barefooted. I put my shoes in my carriage as he said. I didn't realize single thing before the man next to me burst into laughter and told me that there is no such rule as being barefooted. My friend always was my best friend as we went to the same school, same church and lived in the same apartment. However, my expectation for the airplane was satisfied as they had a television and I was overwhelmed by its enormous size. Unfortunately, I ate some meats and potatoes in the airplane despite my mom's commandment, "don't eat…show more content…
My only unchallenging subject was math, which I finished the worksheet in a minute when everyone was taking an hour. I considered the worksheet as a prank for me as the worksheet questions about basic math. They were surprised about it as I was so fast, but in my mind, they were just surprised as they figured out that a monkey could solve a math problem. I probably had lowest self-esteem in my life at that moment as I couldn't understand anything. It was 7 in the morning when I got up and I prayed to God to please tell me that the clock was discontinuous, however, the clock was vigorous as me and I said some inappropriate words to myself as I was dreadful to go to the school. After a few minutes of eating some cereals, I started my second school day, which was a total disaster. After the lunchtime, I had to do something what all human does in the bathroom and I didn't know how to say "May I go to Bathroom". I thought my thing would pop up. I held for 3 hours, which was forever for me and this time was much longer than when I was in the airplane. After school, I sprinted faster than Usain Bolt into the bathroom, and released powerfully than God flushing his toilet. As I was thinking about my day on the way to home, I promised to myself that I will never allow this thing to happen again and become fluent in English one day. I learned the significance of language that…show more content…
My first order was successful, and I felt I could do whatever I want and I was proud of myself, however, I still failed the English class. Also, I used to laugh when everyone was laughing even though I couldn't understand why, but I finally figured out what they are saying. After a short length of time, I had to go back to my home country and I felt disconsolate as I was inquisitive of knowledges and still occupied a tiny knowledge. I finally understood why parents say happiness comes from enlightenments. But it was just a moment in the airplane. Soon after, I landed at the airport and I felt extreme happiness that was indescribable in words as I could tell and listen to other people. It felt like I regained my identity again. My friend was waiting there and I spoke everything I could say even though it didn't make sense at
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