Essay on Self-esteem and Impression Management

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Mod 2 Assignment – Personal Examples
Regina G. Carpenter
Grand Canyon University: PSY-530
November 5, 2013

Mod 2 Assignment – Personal Examples – Self Esteem and Impression Management Consideration of a person’s perspective “self” and the processes used to determine behaviors is one element of social psychology. Some of the processes and theories are: impression management, social tuning, social comparisons, mindsets, and intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. This work will examine the basic premises of each of these along with personal examples provided by the author.
Impression Management
Impression management is the use of conscious or subconscious behaviors by a person to manipulate the
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Then, my excitement incited something that would be my demise. Instead of simply presenting the perfectly lovely piece of costume jewelry, my mind began to create a much more elaborate scenario that snowballed to catastrophe. When we got to our first hour study hall, I made a big deal of making certain that several people saw my ring. As they asked, I told them that my maternal grandfather was a full-blooded Native American (he actually was), and that he had given me this gorgeous piece of turquoise jewelry which I wanted to give to Laura Beth as thanks for her help and welcoming manner. As I had hoped, the class was impressed and I knew my status was immediately elevated in this new social group. All was well until one of the boys asked to see the ring. As he examined it, I heard an ominous snicker before he loudly announced, “Hey, Gina, is your grandpa’s name Chief Avon?” Naturally, I was mortified and began to cry and repent about fabricating the story. What is interesting is that from that time forward, the students were much more helpful and welcoming. That was the day that I learned a valuable lesson about lying and trying to impress other people. According to Segev, Shoham, and Ruvio (2013) found that being self-conscious can be positively related with gift giving in adolescence. Adolescents value peer relationships and may give gifts as a way to ensure that they have friends.
Social Tuning Social
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