Self Evaluation Essay On Ethos

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Self-Evaluation Speaking is one of the hardest thing for me to do, especially public speaking. From the Canons, ethos is partially difficult to express. I am person who has problem expressing to others. The “I believe” speech was no different; before giving my speech, I knew ethos was no my strong suit and needed to be work on. However, this speech differed from others as the speech was more personal and it focused on what I value and believe in. This helped me create a greater character to express to the audience. As I was wearing a suit, my speech was a bit credible and convincing for me and for the public. The audience could see what I was talking about just by looking at me. After giving my speech, I think my ethos might have increased a little. This speech showed me what to do and not to do in the manner of engaging my audience with my ethos. I believe my ethos has started to change because of the speech. As I presented, I believe the audience was a bit confused. It could have been the insufficient production of air due to exhaustion. This led me to be a bit out of tune with the public. Some of the audience might have been lost due to my speech volume. Physically, one should be able to portray the voices across the room with ease. However, it was impossible for me to do as I lack the physical potential to do so. If given …show more content…

I dressed for the speech and illustrated the public about my speech. The relation to my attire and speech should have been clear with no explanation. I supported my topic with a background story and with a quote. This helped emphasize my belief. I wish I had a bit of time to memorize my outline and speech completely. Reading from cards helped but was inappropriate to read directly from them. The way I prepared for my speech included the repetition of my speech while timing myself. I tried to practice my speech in front of a mirror in order to look at myself while

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