Self Interest Essay

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Isolation is a form of self interest, to focus on yourself, your own protection. Empathy and self interest can be a repelling force. Self interest can give you the opportunities that you have desired, for the good of yourself, giving you the direction of your life. The directions that you pursue to go on, without the regard of others, can lead to an emotion that gives others the ability to understand your feelings. This is called empathy. With an overwhelming amount carried within yourself, you can brust. People can have empathy for you in understanding you feelings that can also have an effect on your own interest and they way you want to go. In the photograph by David.S. Waitz we see an isolated girl wanting to get rid of all the …show more content…

Realizing that what she chooses for herself is more important, than the empathy that others or herself feel. This powerful action self interest can be a positive force, knowing that it is better for yourself not being tied up in all the empathy others try to pour towards you.

In my own experiences in life I have always wanted to become a nurse for prenatal care, taking care of babies, and showing them love and support. This has always been my passion, my self interest guiding my path, and knowing that I was determined to accomplish this goal. People have always encouraged me, telling me that I could do it. Others always having empathy on me, questioning if I was smart enough to make it, or if I could handle the workload, wanting to know my perspective of the decision I made. That would always be a burden on my heart. The empathy that others would give me, always wanting to know what I was going to do in the future would overpower all my emotions, resulting in having empathy for myself, and not knowing the feelings that I had buried inside of me, not wanting to let it out, knowing that my self interest would have an effect on that, because of having doubt and not being commitment to the goals that I had planned. I didn't want to give up, I wanted to reassure myself that I was capable of doing this and letting all the people who had overflowing words of empathy, come

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