Self Leadership Book Report

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Self-leadership and the one-minute manager teaches that how skill will make us effective self-leader. Right mind set and the skills are needed for success. This book tells the story of a young boy Steve. He is about to lose his job. He meets the magician Cayala, and after talking with her, he realizes the power of taking responsibility for his situation. Cayla teach him the three skills of leadership. These techniques empower him and also teach him to keep growing, learning and achieving.
The lessons have to learned from this books are how to take the responsibility for getting what you need. First time when Steve failed in the proposal he start assigning blame. His manager gave him many responsibility and little guidance and also his advertising …show more content…

This book referred an example of elephant thinking. Baby elephant in circus clamp a chain around its leg, baby elephant pulls his leg but fail to escape. This lesson was the assumed constraints for this elephant. Years later when this baby elephant grown he did not even attempts for escape. Circus handlers teach this mature elephant that he did not break this string and did not escape from here. The next lesion is cycle of power. Steve initially believed the only position power was existed in the business world. He did not understand the power that surround him within the organization. Knowing the system is an important point of power. You need to know the nature of your strength your power before you can lead yourself. Within the organization somebody have the position power but they have lack of organizational power. Somebody have the relationship power and somebody have the task power. Steve had learned that he is a part of the team and for maximize the different power every individual had to offer. Continuum is factored by a level of competence and commitment, when your competence is low you need direction and when your commitment

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