Self Presentation Is Described As Playing Out A Self

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Spencer Cermeno
Bernie Mac Research Paper
17 October 2015

1.) Self-presentation is described as playing out a self to the reaction and anticipation of others (p. 32). Men and women both modify their self-presentation to the reaction of others. In a classic study noted by Crawford of female college students who were provided with details of male students who were either desirable or undesirable as a potential date and who was characterized as having traditional or more modern values, According to the textbook the study found that, “When women thought they would have the opportunity to meet the man, they changed their descriptions of themselves to fit the man’s traditional or modern values-but only if he was attractive” (p.25). Self-presentation can be looked at as calculated choices, choices that are made under certain circumstances in order to appeal to certain groups or others. For example, when Jordan overheard his uncle Bernie and his friends making fun of him for doing gymnastics he decided to get into basketball again to please his uncle. Another example is Briana, when her mother wants her to be more tough and aggressive when she’s out on the field she begins to do so because she’s wants to please her mother. According to the textbook doing gender is, “the second level of the gender system,” and that, “gender is created, performed, and perpetuated in social interaction” (p. xix). The concept of doing gender is not only creating and performing contrasts,

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