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Its easy to forget the significance of independence and how different our lives would be without it. I had the opportunity to meet a young woman, who was in the middle of the hardest time of her life. She had just had all four of her extremities amputated as the result of sepsis, due to rejected pregnancy complications. After spending three helpless months pinned to a hospital bed, she was brought to the semi-acute hospital I was shadowing, where I saw her every day for four weeks. Her initial physical impairments, stoping her from lifting what remained of her arms of the bed, was just scratching the surface of what she was dealing with. She was suffering immensely mentally as well. Over the last three months her independence had been striped from her, and she was completely dependent on the aid of the hospital staff and her therapists. The therapists working with this patient showed the highest level of professionalism through communication and accountability. Beyond the unique therapy that would be required to address her impairments, the communication I observed is what I found truly remarkable. In such a short period of time the therapists were able to create an intense bond with her, allowing them to better aid her physical impairments while aiding her emotionally as well. They never allowed her to lose hope, and never let her lose sight of the mental fortitude that was essential for her wellbeing. These therapists were all demonstrating a quality that they had never

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