Self Reflection Paper

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By the time you turn 18 and move to college, you think you know yourself pretty well. Taking the StrengthsFinder Quiz presented me confirmation of some things I saw in myself before and brought an aspect out that I hadn’t recognized before. The five themes I was said to exemplify most are belief, relator, harmony, empathy, and connectedness. Having belief represents being driven by my beliefs and rarely stray from them as they serve as my purpose in life. Relator means I appreciate having very close relationships with a small group of. Harmony stands for my dislike of conflict. Having empathy means I am aware of other people’s emotional state and try to relate to them. Lastly, connectedness states that I believe everything happens for a reason. According to this quiz, these are my five strongest traits and the people I love most seem to agree with me in our reactions to them. Out of the 34 possible themes, these five were chosen to represent me. After talking with my mom, brother, and boyfriend, we all agreed that the five altogether represented me almost perfectly. However, the ones we thought were most like me were belief and relator. I most certainly live by my beliefs. I have some of the strongest beliefs and they guide every aspect of my life. As for relator, I am someone who loves to have a small, close-knit group of friends rather than a large group of friends. I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level and want to connect with people. I believe all five of

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