Self Reflection Paper

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To be strong is to strive to be the most formidable person you can be without hesitation. It also means to know you’re not actually strong, that it’s okay to rely on people. All of my experiences in my short sixteen years of life taught me this. When asked who made me the person I am, I cannot simply tell you one person helped me to turn out this way. Every person I have ever met, every experience I’ve had with them has contributed. However, I can tell you who I relied on when I knew I wasn’t as tough as I’d like to be. I can tell you of my beloved mother who taught me some of the most important things in my life and is still encouraging and influencing me.

Growing up, I was always a small girl. I prided myself on always being healthy and active. I was in gymnastics and I only ate when I was hungry. When I was around twelve, I started having issues with my body. Around that time, I was just starting to get periods, but not actual ones. Months would skip and my periods were irregular in length or how heavy they were. After a year and a half or so of struggling with not getting periods at all and then bleeding for an entire thirty days, my mother and I decided to see a gynecologist. To help balance my hormones, they decided to put me on birth control hoping it would help my body get on a regular schedule. I only ended up taking birth control for about three weeks. While on it, I gained forty pounds and developed several other issues. With such a fast paced change, I

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