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A bit surreal today as I sit down and write my first paper in almost 20 years. I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to be very concise in my communication, to the point and easy to skim the important facts to ensure what I need to get across will be read. The fact that I am having some emotional response to the stress related to routinely writing papers that ‘feel long’ is just a great example of some of what I learned from my MBTI/Firo B results.

I have taken a number of self assessments over the years and MBTI was one of the first in my early leadership training. The results did not overly surprise me as I review life choices made in choices life and work complement the characteristics that the assessment highlights. My ST is likely …show more content…

Over the years I have been able to better recognize and respond to stressful situations usually by instituting a 24 hour rule. Sensing an emotional response and taking a pause has been best allowing time to let the emotion pass and address the challenge objectively. The ‘ah ha’ was recognizing that this stress response can spiral into a grip experience.

I was fortunate to have my own grip experience earlier this past year, and can reflect on it for this class in the hopes of not ever falling prey to it again! My direct manager had retired and I had been working to be the best internal candidate for his replacement, as I had assumed a number of stretch assignments that I really enjoyed. For a number of reasons (that could be a whole different self-reflection paper on under selling yourself) I wasn’t selected for the position. Over the next couple of months, I was really struggling. Leadership changes, retraction in scope, redefinition in role and exclusion from discussions that I had previously been included in by the senior team who expected me to assume the role, all shifted to the new leader. The most crippling aspect of this event was my lack of recognition for the need of a mentor/coach outside of my work to navigate this change. I didn’t want to appear to be unsupportive of the new leader, but I felt that I no longer had anyone ‘safe’ to talk to and found myself becoming increasingly emotional about

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