Supply Chain Management Value Of Supply Chains

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Supply Chain Management-Value of Supply Chain


Supply chain management is a complex undertaking that must involve more than one organization’s efforts to succeed. A tremendous amount of skill, time, and money must be present to build and develop relationships, discover and implement a strategy, and use the capabilities of the chain to build quality at an efficient financial rate. Allowing for these requirements, it leaves one to wonder whether supply chain management is a viable option. The answer is yes, because an organization needs a strong supply chain to compete and be profitable in the marketplace. The key points for supply chain management should be to meet customer demand, produce excellent customer value, enhance responsiveness to change, build a network that can resist risk, and develop financial success.


The simplest level of supply chain management is to make inventory readily available to meet customer demand. Without inventory, there is nothing available to draw customers in. Through their resources, organizations must meet supply with demand in a timely fashion. Supply chain partners should work together to increase resource productivity, develop standardized processes, and minimize the level of inventory. These steps will reduce an organization’s waste, costs, and raise supply chain efficiency.

Reducing supply chain expenses is always a top priority for companies. Any aspect of supply chain operations can become
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