Essay on Sensory Perceptions

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Running head: SENSORY PERCEPTIONS 1 Critical Thinking - PHI 210 “Sensory Perceptions” 9 July 2010 SENSORY PERCEPTIONS 2 “Sensory Perceptions” The body’s senses are the input devices of the human computer known as the brain. These senses, touch, sight, smell, sound and taste, are only as effective as the human brain can process the information. The accuracy of these inputs can easily be deceived when the senses conflict or not interpreted as intended. Like any other computer, the information being processed and stored is only as good as the information was input (garbage in, garbage out). Sensory information is almost always…show more content…
The more sensors used, the more accurate the information is which can then be used in creating thoughts and memories. “The human capacity to perform real time information processing is limited. The limited speed of neuronal operations may partly be compensated for by parallel interactive and distributed processing” (Carlsson, Petrovic, Skare, Petersson & Ingvar, 2000, p. 681). There are many factors that can contribute to the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensor data. Our perception will influence the way we interpret sensor information. “Sharpening our perceptions is crucial for delivering better data to our brains” (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007, p. 54). Personal deception and the realization that our senses can be deceived will affect the accuracy of that data. Once we accept that our senses are not perfect, we can then take steps to counter this deception or improve the accuracy obtained. Listening is probably the largest contributor to the accuracy of sensor data. We learn as we listen and this affects the final outcome in the long run as additional data is obtained that helps to refine the initial interpretation of the data. The roles of “Nature” and “Nurtured” with regard to the interpretation and evaluation of sensory data has been disputed by scholars for centuries. Some believe that we are born with information inherited
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