Sensory Perceptual Phenomena Is An Event A Living Organism

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Sensory Perceptual Phenomena is an event a living organism experiences that involves biological, psychological, and cognitive determinants as a response to the environment (Gorbel, Oct. 28th). In order for the living organism to experience this phenomena, the brain and nervous system must organize and stabilize the living organism’s sensory perceptual system (Gorbel, Nov. 16th) A primary function of the sense are biological transducers, devices that convert one kind of energy into another (Coon & Mitterer, 124). The basic process that occurs in the sensory perceptual system begins with a physical energy from the living organism’s environment. Then the phylogenetically engineered external organ is used in order to collect the energy from the environment. Receptor cells are then stimulated and create electro-chemical reactions. Electrical impulses are encoded with information and travel the neural net. It will then be sent to a specific structure of the brain that correlates with the external organ. The information is decoded and the living organism becomes aware; this causes a physical stimulus response, also known as a sensation (Gorbel, Oct, 28th).
However, there are other processes that are involved before the living organism produces a perception from a physical sensation. Other sensory organs and systems include: the eye and visual system, ears and auditory system, the nose and olfaction, taste-buds or tongue and gustation, somesthetic sense and warning and reminding

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