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In one sense, ideology is an approach made by a filmmaker to expose his/her audience to a certain issue that might be never exposed by other filmmakers. These filmmakers want their audience to understand what they are trying to imply in their films. In other words, ideology is defined as one person’s belief where he/she (most of the time is the filmmaker itself) tries to pinpoint what message(s) his/her film aims to convey and communicate about a particular issue(s). For example, there are certain issues might be discussed in films, such as social, political, gender, race, sexuality and other issues related in our world nowadays. To put it differently, ideologies derive from emotions or feelings of a person towards the world and about…show more content…
The forum criticized her actions of portraying unrealistic yet unnecessary scenes, hence proving that the message and the interracial relationships portrayed in her films might give negative influences towards local viewers, which finally will corrupt the Malay culture and Islam as a religion. Generally, Malaysia has been known as a multiracial country dominated by three main races, with a majority of Malay-Muslims, followed by Chinese, and Indians. Hence, any sentimental issues (multiracialism) must be handled delicately in a way that they do not pose any harm to racial harmony in Malaysia. However, Ahmad portrays Sepet as a film that tends to sentimentalize those people who occupy the social status such as religion, race, class and gender. She took a different twist by challenging the local audiences by ignoring the differences in race, unifying them and somehow ‘liberalising’ the religion. Through representations, Ahmad also blurs stereotypes in the context of Malaysia’s multiculturalism. As a matter of fact, her works in Sepet and her other films can be conceived as ‘realist’ in the sense that they are different than other commercial-mainstream films directed by other directors, which rarely focus on the ‘real’ issues happening in the multicultural Malaysian society. Those ‘real’ (somehow are controversial) issues will be further discussed in this essay. Interestingly, even from the first

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