Sepv2 Tank Operating System

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TheM1A2SEPv2 tank operating systems | 4
The M1A2SEPv2 tank operating systems Following the APA guidelines PV2 Seaman, Jonathon
The power distribution of the M1A2 SEPv2 tanks starts all with a single button push which either at the iDID improved drivers integrated display or iCDU improved commanders display unit. The power distribution is computer controlled with the RS 485 utility data bus. Each power distribution box is in the same network where instructions are received and then status if given back to the iHMPU. The analog information also travels through the AIM analog input module and is converted to digitized and sent on the utility bus for distribution to LRUs line replaceable units. Examples of analog information that gets converted …show more content…

Located under the main gun is the work horse of all the components. It integrates the commander's independent thermal viewer into the FCS, it also provides communication between the gun/turret drive and gunners primary sight in normal mode. The IFCEU converts the GPS gunners primary sight switches analog to digital data transmits on the 1553B data bus to the iTMPU improved turret mission processor for the use of ballistic solutions. The IFCEU also determines if the tank is able to fire the main gun by checking if super elevation/ lead angle offsets are correct, gun/sight error is greater than 0.25 mils in AZ/EZ. The iFCEU also prevents the gun from firing in selected modes; which are bore sight, zero, MRS, and Diagnostic Test …show more content…

The CITV is displayed on the upper screen on the iCDU and can be controlled with the commanders control handle assembly. The CITV is fully integrated, full-target engagement sight designed to provide the commander with a redundant capability equivalent to that of the GPS TIS. WP0003-19 2-5 “it has the ability to zoom in from 3, 6, 13, 25 or even 50X electronically.” The CITV has its own Azimuth drive assembly that allows it to turn 360 degrees without a problem. The CITV also not only does independent target acquisition, it provides the commander the ability to hand-off targets to the gunner or even independently engage

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