Sequence of Personal Responsibility

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Introduction A proper definition of "personal responsibility" can be that provided by Rob Haskins that points out "Personal responsibility is the willingness to both accept the importance of standards that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards. But personal responsibility also means that when individuals fail to meet expected standards, they do not look around for some factor outside themselves to blame". (2009) However, given the fact that the term implies a great degree of subjectivity, for me the issue of personal responsibility is multi faceted and implies knowing oneself to such an extend as to both accept certain conditions imposed by the environment such as social rules and at the same time to accept and face failure as their own and not as a means of sharing the failure with outside factors. What personal responsibility means to me One of the most important aspects in defining personal responsibility is an increased control of the self. In this sense, it is crucial that one explores his/hers personality in order to be well aware of the qualities and shortcomings. It is rather easy to assume that when in a conflicting situation the other parties are always wrong and the one being right is one self. However, if one exercises a good and sound control of the self and is aware of the balance between qualities and shortcomings, personal responsibility also manifests at the level of the social norms
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