Serial Killers: Andrei Chikatilo

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Essay on Andrei Chikatilo
Many serial killers are seen as evil, manipulative and incapable of feeling remorse. Some may even hide these factors by seemingly living a good life, with a family, children and a career. But Andrei Chikatilo definitely tops the list with the amount of horrific murders he has committed from 1978-1990, from gouging eyes to tearing bodies apart with his teeth, you will soon realize why he is one of the worst serial killers in history. Born in the Ukraine around the time of World War II Andrei was introduced to violence at a very young age, he had seen corpses outside and women being raped. He lived in a home with his abusive mother, kind father and sister. While Andrei was a child
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In 1990 Andrei was seen with blood on his face and was followed by an investigator. Andrei was arrested and confessed to 34 out of the 36 murders, he later confesses to an additional 22 murders and is charged with 52 counts of murder and 5 against minors while he was a teacher. He is taken in for psychiatric evaluation and is told he suffers borderline personality disorder with sadistic features. In 1992 during Andrei’s trial he acted insane, exposing his body, screaming and singing to the court. October 15th 1992 He was sentenced to death plus 86 years. Andrei was taken from death row cell in 1994 and executed by shot to the back of his head.
His early life may be the reason for Andrei Chikatilo’s later actions in life. Maybe if Andrei wasn’t born into such harsh circumstances he could have had a completely different life with a nice happy family. This goes to show that no matter who they may seem to be, serial killers are out there, they are your teachers, your neighbours and any average person on the street. You can’t judge a book by its
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