Serial Killers: Similarities And Differences

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A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, this type of crime turns into highly covered stories by the media. The manner in which newspapers cover aspects of the crime have similarities and differences. More specifically, the three articles that will be discuss explore three serial killers and the manner in which they conducted their crimes, these are “17 Killed, and a Life is Searched for Clues” by James Barron from The New York Times, “Unintended result: Gacy probe clears 11 unrelated cold cases” by Sharon Cohen from The Chicago Tribune, and “Worst serial killer in history, who fed prostitutes to pigs, sparks rage by publishing book” by Michael E. Miller from The Washington Post. First of all, the three articles discuss …show more content…

However, Barron’s article set a different tone after discussing what Dahmer did. His article seems to be more sympathetic to Dahmer because his objective is to educate the public in being aware to social cues in children that are calls for help. Barron explains as a child and even into adulthood, Jeff was crying out for attention after coming from a broken home, being a social outcast, and a man who is struggling to deny his sexuality in order to erase his shame. This aspect is what Cohen and Miller lack in their article because they both focus on sharing the stories of the family of victims of these serial killers and what the process is like for law enforcement. Cohen and Miller use words of empathy in their articles to stress the trauma the families, police, and community face. Therefore, their articles lack to give the audience an understanding of what psychological trauma, possible mental disorders they may have, or treatment if any are available to killers and victims. I think these are key aspects that the articles fail to give the reader knowledge of. A misconception when it comes to serial killers is that if one does not pay attention to them, they will stop their acts, however they are seeking help if they know it or not, which is why it is important to not only punish them, but also treat

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