Serial Killers : Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy
By Kim LaShomb
Criminal Psychology

Theodore Robert Cowell, aka “Ted Bundy” is one of the most well known serial killers in United States history. His reign of terror went on from 1974- 1978 when he was arrested and charged with numerous crimes. These crimes include first degree murder, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, unlawful sex with corpses, resisting arrest, and the list goes on from there. It was said that he had over 300 victims, but he would confess to only 30 of the homicides that he committed. Bundy was eventually executed in 1989. Before his death, Ann Rule wrote a biography on him, and described Bundy as “a sadistic sociopath who took pleasure from another human’s pain and the control he had over his victims, to the point of death, and even after” (Rule, 1989). Bundy described himself as the most cold-hearted son of a b**** you’ll ever meet, and his lawyer stated “Ted was the very definition of heartless evil” (XXXXXXX). Bundy was born to Louise Cowell in the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Vermont. He never knew his biological father, nor had any dealings with him. When Ted and his mother were released from the hospital, she decided to move back home and reside with her parents. Bundy’s grandparents took over much of his care, and became his parental figures, while his mother took a more sisterly role to him. This was done to protect him from being considered odd, or becoming a social outcast

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