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I have recently listened to the first episode of a podcast Serial , narrated by Sarah Koenig. Its about a girl , Hae Min Lee, goes missing and her body is later found. Her high school boyfriend at the time is arrested for her murder and sentenced for life. This takes place back in 1999,and a news reporter/ journalist takes a look at the case 15 years later to investigate if he really is guilty. I listen to pod casts once in awhile, usually like TED talks, or something really random. I was introduced to them by my brother, when he comes around he subscribes to them on my phone. There is something about pod casts I enjoy. I don’t know if its the fact I can do stuff and not have to sit and stare at one spot, or the fact that my brain has to create …show more content…

Books and pod casts are very descriptive, they give you the tools to create the visual yourself from your own life, experiences, and images. This is something I enjoy about reading a book. Multiple people can read a book but what they see and take from it is different. What is said triggers memories, thoughts, and feelings different from someone else. You take what you want and need. ” No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson This goes for pod casts. Speaking with a student from my class we both had different ideas of what actually happened. She thinks he did it , I think he was set up. If given the choice between pod casts and book, I would choose books. Something about holding a book with hundred of pages of words is magical to me. The smell, the weight, the portability, the adventure its all very addicting. Don’t get me wrong I love pod casts. I’ll definitely listen to more only because I’m lazy I like being read to. Reading takes some effort for me, I have to find a quiet spot, no distractions, and really focus. Pod casts give me a little more than books. They give me that extra mile that I have to do with books. But that extra mile is what makes a book personal for me. When I read a book I am apart of it, and with pod casts I feel I am on the side

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