Serum Leptin Levels and Body Weight

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Because serum leptin levels were positively correlated with body weight, BMI and fat mass, we can reason that higher serum leptin levels are associated with an increased biochemical desire to consume food. Although leptin levels were positively correlated with wrist width, one can reason that this is a result of the adolescents flesh being more abundant, and not the bone size itself. There are many factors that contributed to the hunger levels, weights and bone sizes of the swimmers and their classmates (the controls). Based on the amount of exercise that the swimmers participated in, they are shown to have the most regulated levels of leptin and healthier, less fat weights. This study shows just one of the many positive benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise: hunger regulation and proper energy balance of input vs output. The swimmers may or may not have been hungrier than their classmates but because they were using more energy in the pool, they have regulated levels of food consumption desire. Their bodies were under the regular impression of receiving a certain amount of food and releasing a certain amount of exercise during swim practice. The classmates (controls) that did not regularly exercise, or exercised less than 45-minutes a day, had higher levels of leptin which is a possible factor that lead them to eat more since they had higher fat mass and higher BMI (Body Mass Index). When the body does not regularly expend the energy it takes in, fat is stored at a

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