Servant Leadership at Pervasive Solutions Essay

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Servant leadership is the management philosophy at Pervasive Solutions. From the perspective of a middle manager, this is a description of how the leadership team at Pervasive Solutions uses the servant leadership philosophy to lead, make decisions, lead change, and to motivate the employees to succeed. According to Hellriegel, Jackson and Slocum (2008), “the relationship between leaders and subordinates is reinforced by the concept of servant leadership” (p. 56). Nayab, N. (n.d.) stated, “The servant leader always looks at the good in others and remains patient and forgiving. Servant leadership creates strong loyalty and inspiration that helps organizations develop and retain human capital. They see things from others perspective,…show more content…
2). The leadership team is supportive; they take time to help employees achieve their goals. Decisions are shared between all employees utilizing the rational decision-making model. Greenleaf, R. K. (1998) noted, servant-leadership advocates a group-oriented approach to analysis and decision making as a means of strengthening institutions and of improving society” (p. 9). As noted by Hellriegel, Jackson and Slocum (2008) “The rational model consists of seven steps, defining and diagnosing the problem, setting goals, searching for alternative solutions, comparing and evaluating alternative solutions, choosing among alternatives, implementing the solution and follow up. The model prescribes a set of phases that individuals or teams should follow to increase the likelihood that their decisions will be logical and optimal” (p. 266). The management team takes the responsibility for defining the problem. The management team and employees participate in setting goals, searching for solutions, comparing alternatives, and choosing alternative solutions. The makeup of the implementation team depends on the tasks and expertise required to successfully implement the solution. Additionally, Pervasive Solutions is a family friendly company; high value
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