Three Pillars

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According to the Grand Canyon University College of Business their mission statement is, “To challenge and inspire students to be servant leaders with the business skills and values necessary to drive organizational success and positively impact society” (“About”, n.d., para 6). To be successful in any personal venture one must be committed to their cause and posses certain qualities that help support their end goal. Entering into the GCU College of Business it is important to understand the three pillars that embody a graduate business student. The three pillars include servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation. Servant Leadership describes a leadership style that focuses on serving the needs of the team, client or…show more content…
An article entitled, Leading Innovation in a Risk-Averse Healthcare Environment, by Michael O’Brien describes how decisions in healthcare innovation are being decided by hospital CFOs because budget plays such a large role in the ability to make health care advancements. Innovation is present on all levels, practitioners are creating new innovative medications and techniques that can boost research funding, CFOs are looking at innovative ways to restructure budgets to meet the rising cost demands and nurses and/or therapists are looking for innovative therapy applications to improve patient outcome and support successful healing once discharged from the hospital. Disruptive innovation is constantly present in medicine since this science is only a practice and is constantly evolving in the presence of new research. As a healthcare leader I encourage my peers to constantly be trying to find innovations in their practice. When a practice becomes stagnant there is limited chance for growth and an individual's motivation can be stunted. “Innovation requires that organizations let go of old work and take on new” (O’Brien, p.113) Whether it be an innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit or acting as a servant leader the college of business is establishing our foundation to be breakthrough resources in our industries. The lesson of a servant leadership style reminds us to be humble in our approach when leading others and to
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