Service Charges Are Part of Apartment Living Essay example

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Everything you need to know about service charges Whether you like it or not, service charges come part and parcel with apartment living. They play an important role in determining how the building you live in is maintained, whether that is cleaning, repairs or anything in-between. Service charges are considered the most effortless way to pay for these things. Those who live in converted houses generally won’t need to pay a monthly service charge and are more likely to paying such on an annual, half year or quarter year basis. Service charges are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to purpose, with cleaning, repairs and building upkeep all falling under them. In rare cases service charges will also cover building insurance, but such will …show more content…

If you deem the extra charges unnecessary the freeholder must discuss them with you prior to work commencing. It is especially important that you are consulted before the following takes place: - Work that is billed at more than £250 per apartment. - Services (including cleaning, gardening and repairs) that are charged at £100 or more per apartment. A freeholder’s word isn’t enough to constitute you to agree to any repairs that he or she may be proposing. They should provide you with copies of two or estimates they have gotten for the repair, with one being from an independent contractor that is of no connection to the freeholder. Only in an emergency can a freeholder approve a repair without your consent. When you believe that you are being charged for a repair that feels either unnecessary or questionable it is advised that you seek legal advice. If it is proven that the freeholder moved forward with repairs without informing you, you may not have be held accountable for the service charges involved. Questioning service charges Service charges are not a cut and dry agreement and you are well within your rights to challenge them. If you believe that you are receiving sub-par service then write to your freeholder explaining your concerns. In instances where the freeholder agrees you may receive reimbursement in some form or even possibly a reduced rate going forward. If the freeholder doesn’t agree

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