Service Reflection For A Community

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For my service reflection paper and caring and teaching component, I volunteered with the “Youth Stand Tall (YST),” Hope Grace Opportunity, Inc., in two different areas. First, I served as a counselor and mentor for the students at the Franklin K. Lane Educational Campus, which encompassed five different schools on the campus. The class size is approximately 10 to 15 students and the subject ranges from learning about themselves to giving back to their community and mentoring others. The YST is a community intervention program geared towards helping and enriching the lives of our youth while also teaching them sisterhood and brotherhood. The ultimate mission was to fill the gaps in our children’s lives by providing a range of programs, services, and activities that would mainly be led by the YST student body. Therefore, teaching them leadership, responsibility, commitment, and dedication were the essential teaching components and tools/strategies to become more productive and caring adults. I volunteered and participated in conflict resolution, bullying workshop, and proactive methods on decision making. During our first week, we ate pizza, cookies and drank punch together while the YST staff presented the community intervention program initiative. The program also provided recreational programs such as a poetry club, fellowship, and a website where participants can reach out and help other youth in need. We added a guest speaker and took the children on field trips where they learned social manners. Along with these services, we added two evening sessions teaching English as a New Language (ENL) on campus. These sessions were free of charge to the community. The ENL classes were instrumental for the students who in many cases were the parents of some of our children in the YST program…creating an environment that allows ELLs (and all students) to be comfortable taking risks on campus. In essence, the ENL classes were so good that we added an extra day to the curriculum. Many strategies were used to support and foster the student’s language development, a win-win situation for all! My second area was using tips, techniques, and strategies for our youth to write a winning resume. The strategies I used were

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