Seth Rogers : A Pretty Good Kid

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Seth Rogers was once a pretty good kid. He listened to his parents, did his homework, turned in his library books before they were due. Then came the divorce, followed by the drugs. Suddenly A 's turned to D 's and what should have been honors courses and ACTs went to standards classes and detentions. Even then, he wasn 't an entirely bad kid. One could say he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. All the time. Worn shoes patterned softly along the pavement as the young man strolled down a sidewalk in the dark of the night, hands stuffed in his pockets and his eyes on the ground before him. As he went from darkness to streetlight, his head bowed further to shield his eyes even further. His pocketed hands aimlessly ran themselves over the contents of his pockets. A phone, a deck of cards, some loose change, a half spent pack of cigarettes and an assortment of other, less noteworthy things. His walk home from who knows where was so far, uneventful. Nothing too unusual. In such a small town, few stayed out long enough to catch him walking by. Tonight, however, someone was out. Seth couldn 't quite tell who they were, nor did he particularly care to find out. They were obviously new in town and Seth quite frankly couldn 't care less about any other details. "Nice night, eh?" The person croaked as he passed. Seth 's pace slowed if only to be polite. He didn 't bother looking back and for his sake, it was probably for the best that he hadn 't. "Sure," Seth replied

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