Setting Up A Windows Server And Install Ad, Dns, And Dhcp

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Goal In this lab the goal was to set up a Windows Server 2012 server and install AD, DNS, and DHCP on it. We were also tasked with disabling DHCP on the RHEL7 box so that it would not interfere with DHCP running on the Windows Server. We then had to go through and set the named service on RHEL to be a slave of DNS running on our Windows Server box. I had already set up and configured AD, DNS and DHCP on this server before from a previous lab but I had the services set to disabled so that they weren’t interfering with RHEL. All I really had to do for this lab was follow existing documentation to set RHEL as a slave instead of master, then allow it to transfer from Windows Server to my RHEL IP. Windows Server 2012: Username: Administrator Password: Hunter2 While assisting another student with troubleshooting zone transfers we ran into a rather odd issue. Windows Server 2012 would not transfer properly to the RHEL box when the RHEL machine was set to slave. We verified that zone transfers were allowed on the Windows box and that all information in the named.conf was set correctly. The error message that appears was something to the effect of “CNAME: and other data” being the cause of the zone transfer not going through. To troubleshoot this further we ran the dig command on the Windows server to pull the full zone file, which to our surprise, pulled correctly and looked fine. We eventual found that the error was caused by a malformed CNAME record pointing a non-existent
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