Seven Simple Attributes of Life Essay

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There are many distinctive characteristics of life; most are evident throughout out lives, and blatantly evident in the minute observation of other life of this planet. Life has seven simple attributes. The first feature of life is the fact that we are all composed of cells. Cells are the smallest unit of life, and life can be composed of either one cell or many cells, unicellular and multicellular, respectively. Bacteria is an example of unicellular life, and us homo sapiens are an example of multicellular life. A single cell itself is not extremely tangible or plainly visible, we cannot feel bacteria unless it's in extremely large quantities. On the other hand, we are tangible, animals are easily visible, and I can roll a blade of…show more content…
Instead, plants can create their own energy through photosynthesis, and thus creating oxygen as a byproduct; oxygen can be observed in our lives because we breathe it. Moving on, all organisms all have the process of homeostasis in common. Our body is maintaining its balance, whether it be literally, or metaphorically. The organic chemicals within us are trying to stay proportionate, the monosaccarides maintaining its ratio of 1:2:1, the proteins being built when its necessary. We stay hydrated, eat, sleep, and socialize to keep ourselves stable and functioning, and other life does the same. Homeostasis is also evident in the mind; we try to balance stress out with hobbies and socialization, balance friends with family, etc. It is known that if that balance goes out of proportions, the brain will not function properly. Heredity is the fifth characteristic of life. It's the passing of traits from previous generations to new generations; parent to child; mother cell to daughter cells. It's conspicuous in the frizzy, black hair that I inherited from my mother and the dark skin I inherited from my grandfather; it's conspicuous in my brother's voice. Both of us have the traits of our ancestors. My dog is colored tan and black, like her mother; every new blade of grass in the meadow is similar to the previously lush and now dead ones from last year. Our sixth
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