Sex Education : A High Amount Of Controversy

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When sex education was first introduced into the school system there was a high amount of controversy. Many parents disagreed with the idea of the school teaching their children about sex, but some parents were in agreement with the benefits that sex education would offer their children. The idea of teaching sex education offered many probable benefits, such as introducing children to contraception and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at a young age could help to prevent teen pregnancy or an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education offers many benefits to the children who are enrolled in the classes, but some people are not able to see the ways that the class can help the children; they only see the …show more content…

The difference between what is taught in the schools and what is taught at home depends on the parents. Many parents only teach what they believe to be the best solution; for example, some parents may teach that the only way someone could prevent premarital pregnancy is to remain abstinent until after he or she is married. Religious beliefs may also affect the ideas that the parents wish the children to have about sex. As a result of the different views and the unsatisfactory results of the parent-taught sex education, there was a survey on the proposal of a sex education program for the parents. The results stated, “A majority of respondents (68%) agreed many parents would benefit from a sex education program for parents. Only 6% disagreed with this statement” (Marsman 360). After viewing the results, educators can see that over half of the parents would take a course that their children are taking because of the usefulness of the sex education program. In the sex education courses there are many subjects that the educators feel uncomfortable teaching because of the public’s reaction to the course. For a clearer view at what the sex education course includes Kirby Douglas and Peter Scales wrote about the state guidelines in regards to the class. The study of the guidelines took place after they sent selected individuals in the Department of

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