Sex Education : Which Is Better? Essay

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Elizabeth Sparks Ms. Cantu Composition I 12 November 2016 Abstinence or Comprehensive Sex Education: Which is better? Sex is in the air, everywhere. It is seen when the television is turned on in the morning, it is used to sell hamburgers and cereal, and is the cornerstone by which we gauge our success. Sex is everywhere and the youth of today need to be equipped to handle it safely. There are two primary paths that can be taken when referring to sexual education: Abstinence or a more comprehensive education. Abstinence education is the promotion of deterring not only intercourse but any sexual act with another person. Whereas comprehensive education is an inclusive educational course that is age appropriate and medically and scientifically accurate. It includes information on the development of the human body, various types of relationships, medical problems that could arise when engaging in sexual activity, and the different types of protection that are available to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancies. Each teaching method can be compared by the avenues in which they are taught, the effectiveness of each of them, and the self-awareness they promote. While comparing them, it can be determined the more inclusive approach better equips adolescents to make healthy choices regarding their bodies and sexual health. Three of the main places the youth of today are taught about sex are in school, in their various religious

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