Moving Beyond Fixed And Natural Categories

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In the journal article, “Sex/Gender Identity: Moving Beyond Fixed and Natural Categories” written by Maria Victoria Carrera, Renee DePalma, and Maria Lameiras, I will be analyzing what issues and complications in which the authors have presented. I also will be critically critiquing the methods the authors used and what evidences or data was presented to support their arguments in this article. Along with, was the article persuasive on proving their argument and what steps needed to be put in to place to achieve a better outcome within their argument.

In the article, it examines heteronormativity and transgender as well as how society has constructed them through culture, legal polices and education. It also mentions what steps need to be implemented to change the outlook on the patriarchal system in societies. The problems the authors have address and brought awareness to is that society often times ignores the fact that other genders may feel the need to change their identity without being prosecuted by society and should have the right to as human beings (Carrera, M., DePalma, R., & Lameiras, M., 2012). Many people have different concepts of what gender, and sexuality means to them. In the article the authors discus that facts such as gender and sexuality are social constructed in schools, legal systems and other sub systems (Carrera et al., 2012). Within the article it presents empirical evidence that supports some of their arguments. The

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