Sex Related Stereotypes Of Color Among Children Essay

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Martha L. Picariello, Danna N. Greenberg, and David B. Pillemer did a study focusing on the relationship of sex related stereotyping of color among children. The study consisted of nine girls and seven boys whose ages where between 54 to 72 months and eight girls and nine boys whose ages where between 39 to 58 months. The first study they did consisted of six stuffed toy pigs which centered around gender stereotyped colors; three of masculine colors, Brown, navy blue and maroon and three feminine colors bright pink, light pink, and lavender. The first part of this study asked the children to chose their favorite pig and 70% of the children choose a pig whose color correlated to their gender stereotyped color. Next the children where asked to …show more content…

The male characteristics consisted of six depicting gender roles that where broken up into two toys, two future roles, and two attributes. The toys where cars and trucks, and a toy tool set, the future roles consisted of a firetruck which represented a firefighter, and a police car and badge representing a police officer, and the attributes consisted of noisy musical instruments to show the attribute of noisy, and a large box and heavy weights which showed the attribute of strong. The female characteristics consisted of six depicting gender roles that where broken up into two toys consisting of Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Andy and a toy cooking set, next was the future roles which consisted of a nurse badge, thermometer, and a box of badges to represent a nurse and a blackboard, teachers desk, and books to represent a teacher, and finally the attributes of teardrops and a box of tissue represented crying, and infant doll to represent gentleness. The line drawings also had two dolls who where twins of the same sex but one twin had a pink shirt on while the other had a blue shirt on, one set of twins was female while the other set was

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