Sex Trafficking And The Rights Of The Poor And Needy

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“Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
I want to talk about sex trafficking to present the topics in America today that are categorized to be socially unacceptable to speak of. Americans only want to hear good things and only talk about fun topics. They want to live in a perfect world, where everyone loves them and there is peace. Peace is so heavily publicized, we have even set aside a national holiday for it. What American’s are trying to publicize is a desired thought that can never be obtained. If there are people in the world, there will be pain, suffering, sin, and death. Topics like sex slavery are issues that need to be talked about. People strong enough need to stand up for victims that …show more content…

“Unlike the older forms of slavery, this modern form is an outcome of globalization,” ( Slaves harvest most of the food products in today’s society. Many Americans are subconsciously supporting slavery just by buying certain groceries at local grocery markets. This is not acceptable. Any product ranging from cocoa, to steel used to produce the cars we buy ( Americans today consciously supporting slavery, can employ a slave for typically ninety dollars. An employer will lure in a foreigner, and present a job opportunity to the individual and will recruit the foreigner to work for them in their home. One reporter recorded this pitch frequently in many of the recruitment interviews, “Employment in America will offer benefits and unique opportunities you will not find anywhere else…. opportunities for a better life for you and your family,” ( Employers, usually referred to as “Pimps,” will pay their “employees” in benefits rather than in monetary advantages. The employers also tell their employees that they will provide them with housing and more importantly, a United Sates citizenship opportunity ( Once employed, most trafficked victims have to give their employer their passport, resulting in a confiscation of papers, leaving them in a bind to stay with their employer. “Some employers need to persuade their future

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