Sex Trafficking Case

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The psychological impact in sex trafficking and prostitution has been a concerning topic when understanding rehabilitative measures for victims forced into the industry as many sex workers are abused and it is often not possible to medically rebalance and enable victims to reach satisfactory level of physical and mental health. (Bozidar, Zeljko, 2012, 94). The people are subjected to psychologically abusive conditions due along with the stigma against the victims in society and its worldview through a lack of understanding of the reasoning of their position. Therefore, the emphasis on legislative/rehabilitative care of protecting the victims is sustained by people of power that can help in coordinated actions of state institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations (Bozidar, Zeljko, …show more content…

The study brought into perspective some of the issues of basic human rights that the sex trafficking workers will encounter when being exported, such as being stripped of her identity, as Elaina was preoccupied with concern that her temporary visa was only valid for three months and she remained at risk of being deported (Kleinschmidt, 2009, 264). Along with her loss of identity in adulthood, Elaine also encountered abuse in her childhood. A barrier to overcome as a social worker is the abusive interaction in an authoritative figure normalizing the treatment to the victim as her father abused her as he drank increasingly heavily and he was physically and violent to both Elaina and her mother (Kleinschmidt, 2009, 264). The abuse of the victim at a young age is not uncommon to the sex trafficking industry as the vulnerability of the victim creates an easy target for the perpetrator to abuse Elaina without anyone noticing the

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