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How to Look Sexy Whilst Chilling Out Looking sexy takes a bit of an effort. While there is undoubtedly something hot in the fresh out of bed and hair a bit messy look, you still find polished sexiness quite hot too. But you don’t always feel like walking around in high heels and stockings – especially if you are just supposed to chill at home with your partner. Luckily, there is a way to look naughty and sexy without too much of an effort. Next time you are going to have a chill evening, and you want to add a bit of naughtiness and spice to your night, here is what you should do. Cute and comfy Start by going with something cute on comfy. You are going to be chilling so you shouldn’t try to dress up – indeed, part of looking sexy is …show more content…

The key to sexy underwear is really all about the size and your inner confidence. If you haven’t had a professional help you with your bra size, then do it. You’ll be amazed to find out the right size bras for your size – most of us women wear them the wrong size. Sexy and messy In terms of the way you look – your hair and makeup – a chilled evening calls for sexy and messy look. You need to look like you haven’t spent a year in front of the mirror. Right now, the hottest hairstyle is to have out-of-bed curls. You can do this by washing your hair, applying a bit of gel or styling mousse, twisting the hair in big rolls and attaching them at the top of your head with a pin. Allow the hair to cool down naturally – if you are in a rush, blow dry them slightly in this position – and open up the ‘parcels’. Don’t brush but just open the curls by running your fingers through them and you are good to go. For the makeup, you don’t want to add too much things. Use a slight foundation if you feel like it. Create a smoky eye look but not quite as strongly as you would when going out. Instead, pick a slight grey liner to wear at the bottom and the top of the eye. Add plenty of mascara and slowly fade out the eyeliner at the top. You can add lipstick to finish off your look. You can wear a dark, red tone – the Moonlit Night by NYX is one of the best for a naughty but chill

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