Sexism In Modern Society

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Sexism is the failure to give equal weight to women’s interests. It is the antithesis of feminism, a moral, political, and social movement that seeks justice for women. Sexism is important because it undermines the welfare of one-half of the human population and is a major source of women’s oppression. The concept of women as inferior to men originates from ancient civilization. Since the beginning of time, men are gifted the titled as strong, independent, and the bread-winner for the entire households. In a sense, men are superior as they hold all the power and ability to decide for their household and nation. On the other hand, women are limited to only reside in the home as their duties cleaning, cooking, and nursing belongs at home. This suppression and imbalance in power is still a constant battle for women even after the Women's Rights Movement. Women fought for equality and desired to have the freedom to express their minds and do activities outside the home like men. They were eventually granted this freedom as time progressed, but gender roles are still present in modern society. One particular stereotype portrayed by the media is women’s inability to fight and protect themselves. Female characters are often depicted as a damsels in distress, always in need of protection or rescuing from a male character. Sadly enough, this perception is not always true. Women are not weak, fragile, or incapable of protecting themselves. If anything, females have the capability to

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