Sexual Abuse And The American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy Essay

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No one ever wants to talk about it. No one wants to hear about it. Many act like it does not exist- even if it is taking place within the confinements of their own home. They put on a blindfold, when it is clear as glass, what is going on. Many people will never believe that it is a close relative, or even a friend. But in reality, it usually is. Loved ones can destroy and interrupt homes to the point where it is unbearable; and those who do know it exists, pretends as if nothing wrong is happening. They only hope that it will stop and no long-term damage will be done. However, it does just that. Once it occurs and it is covered up, they will suffer alone with no one coming to their aid. What is meant by “it?” In this case, “it” refers to child sexual abuse. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2012) gives a great definition of sexual abuse. It explains sexual abuse as any sexual contact between an adult and a child defined as touching with the intention of sexually arousing the child. For example, kissing, or fondling in a sexual or prolonged manner, oral genital contact, sexual intercourse or manual stimulation. Furthermore, any act that is intended to stimulate the child sexually, or to sexually stimulate the abuser through the unwillingness efforts of the child. Things like this can include showing the child pornographic films or magazines, taking pictures of the child in a sexual way, or talking sexually to the child (American Association for

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