Sexual And Mass Media Related

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Mass media makes people standardized the sexuality and people’s point of view by providing sensitive environment everywhere. Movie is the most common sexual environment and the easiest way for directors earn profits. Since something appears in front of people regularly, people will get bore about that or they are too similar with that. What people are looking for sexual in mass media has been changed and their sexual behavior also changed. According to one of projects of Keren Eyal and Dale Kunkel about the effect of sex in Television with adult has result that people get effect and influence by mass media products as sex sell. In this article, the researchers make an experiment about how sexual and mass media related. By letting freshman college year randomly pick up either positive or negative sexual portrayed or in the movie. The researcher found out that people who decided to choice the negative consequences of sex leads to more negative attitudes than other people. The researcher also performed experiment and prove that people with negative consequences of sex are going toward premarital intercourse and to more negative moral judgments in their characters and behavior. Their negative attitude behavior effect their relationship in their marriage in the future. The mass media provide a new environment for them to enjoy their sex life. Men and women are looking for hot people on the videos and movies before actually look at the contents. People become rude persons and

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