Sexual Assault And Sexual Harassment

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“Soldiers ' ability to sustain themselves and their fellow soldiers during periods of high stress is built upon rock-hard confidence in themselves and their leadership chain beginning with fire team leaders or the noncommissioned officer of their section. What we have learned and relearned in our Army is that unit cohesion and teamwork are what give individual soldiers the confidence to use initiative, to be resourceful, and to be all they can be. A soldier always wants the best to be at his front, rear, right and left, trained to stay there regardless of what may happen. A special bond develops when leaders live their lives following the fundamentals of leadership.”-- SMA Glen E. Morrell

Today, sexual assault and sexual harassment continues to occur throughout the Army. The effects of sexual assault and harassment can be psychological, emotional, and/or physical. Some of the effects victims may experience is depression, anxiety, PTSD, or even suicide. Occurrences of these events is harmful to the morale of soldiers, hinders unit cohesion, and damages the Army as a whole. Serving in the military requires one to not only be physically strong but mentally strong. It’s been a known fact that service members of the military hold the title of working in one of the most stressful job fields anyone could work in. With the normal stresses of life alone, the military increases more stress on top of that. Now add the case of a victim of a sexual assault and / or sexual harassment…
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