Sexual Assault Awareness By K 12 Curriculum

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Sexual Assault Awareness Education in K-12 Curriculum There are numerous issues in students’ lives, both before and in college, but one of the most tragic issues is sexual assault. Sexual assault is a terrible problem on many college campuses that needs to be solved and has an easy solution. Sexual assault awareness education should not only be taught in college, but also in K-12 curriculum in order to reduce the number of sexual assaults per year. With proper education on the matter, students of both sexes would know how to act maturely, and what to do if a sexual assault were to occur. Early exposure is the key because the earlier students are taught about this issue, the earlier they can begin to develop themselves and learn empathy. This could prevent people from committing sexual assault in the future. Background Currently, the majority of students do not receive any sexual assault awareness education until they reach college. While the education programs at that level are generally informative and assistive in lowering the number of sexual assaults on campus, they completely ignore the population of students who experience sexual assault before they are 18. Students younger than 18, in most cases, know about sexual assault, but do not know tools to combat this problem. Thus, they may suffer both before and during college. In addition, adding sexual assault awareness education in K-12 curriculum would allow students to be better prepared and comfortable on

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