Sexual Dysfunction As A Side Effect Of Chronic Disease

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Introduction: For most healthy men and women, sexuality is central to their lives and contributes to their personal and relational quality of life (Verschuren et al., 2010). Relationships and sexual satisfaction enhance the quality of life. When one member of the relationship suffers from a chronic illness, it may restrict many areas of their life. Sex is a significant source of comfort, intimacy, and pleasure. The sexuality of an individual may be compromised by physical and emotional problems that accompany the chronic disease (Ferrini, 2013 p. 358). The illness the individual is facing my cause them to feel tired, depressed, and uninterested in sexual activity. Intercourse and sexual relations may provide intimacy and relaxation, …show more content…

As a result, they may feel less interested in sex or may not enjoy sex like they used to (Karlen 2002). Despite the fears of those who have had a heart attack, the physical demands of intercourse are minimal and sexual activity may actually be beneficial. Sexual activity may reduce tension, increase self esteem, and self image (Ferrini, 2013 p. 357). When two partners are together in a sexual way, the low level physical activity may help normalize their lives. The physical demands of intercourse are no more than walking around the block or up a staircase (Carrillo et al. 2013). Physicians recommend that intercourse can resume eight to twelve weeks after a heart attack. Before the individual may return to intercourse, they should undergo a treadmill test. The risk of experiencing another heart attack during sexual activity is extremely low (Karlen 2002). After experiencing a heart condition, couples may still resume in sexual activity. They should plan their intercourse and time together when they have the most energy. Limiting the amount of alcohol the individual consumes may also affect their sexual function. Waiting two hours after they eat to have sex and making sure they are rested and relaxed will help them get ready for sexual activity. To help maintain their sex life, holding hands and touching their partners even when they do not plan on having sex (Carrillo et al. 2013). Hypertension: High blood pressure often has no signs or symptoms, but the impact

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