Sexual Dysfunctions

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I found chapters nine, ten, and eleven very engaging as there was many new topics I learned about that were new to me. It was very stunning to learn about statistics, the many disorders and the many options there are out there in regards to treatments. The four specific topics that stood out to me as valuable fascinating, and surprising was the topic on sexual dysfunctions in chapter nine, the topics on substances abuse and use statistics and treatments options of substance-related disorders in chapter ten, and the topic on cluster A personality disorders in chapter eleven. Chapter nine had a topic of discussion on sexual dysfunctions that I found to be thought-provoking and have valuable information as many of these dysfunctions were new …show more content…

There are several biological and psychosocial treatment options. One biological treatment option is agonist substitution which involves providing people with a safe drug which has a similar chemical make up to the addictive drug. Another biological treatment option is antagonist treatment which counteracts or blocks the effects that psychoactive drugs cause. Aversive treatment is also a biological treatment option as it makes ingesting substances intensely undesirable by making the user feel ill. There are also mediations that are prescribed to people who are experiencing bad symptoms due to withdrawal to help ease the symptoms and lesson reactions that can be very dangerous. There are different psychosocial treatments as well. One psychosocial option is inpatient facilities which are constructed to help people experiencing withdrawal to get though the process while providing supportive therapy. Another psychosocial treatment option is Alcoholics Anonymous also called AA and it's alternatives. These options are based by people acknowledging they have an addiction and how destructive it is to them. The twelve steps program was first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and is now the treatment that is the most popular. Controlled use is a psychosocial option as well which teaches people to instead of being abstinent toward the substance they just control there use such as only …show more content…

One cluster A personality disorder is paranoid personality disorder. People who have paranoid personality disorder without justification are highly suspicious and mistrustful of other people and assume people are out to trick or harm them which leads them to not confide in other people. Treatment of paranoid personality disorder is unlikely to occur unless crisis occurs because they are unlikely to seek help due to their mistrust of others. Schizoid personality disorder is another cluster A personality disorder which is where a person shows a pattern of detachment from social relationships as well as a limited range of emotions among interpersonal circumstances. People with schizoid personality disorder tend to be seen as cold and indifferent of other people. Fascinatingly, homelessness is seen as widespread with people who have schizoid personality disorder and this is believed to be due to their lack of close friendships and lack of dissatisfaction about not having sexual relationships with others. Treatment is also uncommon among people with schizoid personality disorder unless a crisis event occurs. However, treatment regularly begins with therapists highlighting the importance of social relationships and may even teach the emotions that are felt by other people in order to teach empathy. Schizotypal personality disorder is another engaging disorder that was

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